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My Story


Hi There! I'm Will, aka The Undisputed comics King! I've been collecting comics since I was in grade school, and While I still own the first comic I ever purchased (an OK copy of Transformers #7), I had to sell off most of my collection when I was in my early-30s.


Once I was able to begin collecting again, not only did I say to myself "Never again!", I vowed to dedicate as much of my life as possible to finding comiCs for myself and others. It has now become basically a full-time job which I love!


The Collection has now surpassed over 150,000 comics from all eras and publishers. With a focus on Spider-Man(my favorite character), I know the importance of finding that special book for yourself or a loved-one. 


My Inventory Consists of Key books, Graded books, signed comics, kids comics and "dollar books" that should be in the higher-priced bins. My prices are so low because I'm a FAN FIRST and I want you to have exactly what you want!

In addition to selling books, over the last few years we have grown to include professional cleaning, pressing and submissions to grading companies!

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