Synopsis for "The Final Morning"

On an unknown planet, all hope seems lost. Thor is beaten and lies hanging from a jagged peak of ice. Firelord is entombed. And the Recorder lies smashed beyond repair. In the Kingdom of the Trolls, Odin and Balder view all this via Orikal, along with Ulik. They await the finished products of Jagrfelm, the master blacksmith. He has finally finished his work, producing a shield and a gauntlet, along with Megingjord, Odin infuses these items with what Odinpower he has remaining. On the ice planet, Firelord manages to break out, and is summoned by Odin to bring the items to Thor. While he is gone, Thor awakes and frees himself, defeats Mangog and attempts to attack Thanos anew. Thanos easily holds him at bay, until Firelord arrives with the armaments. Firelord manages to kill Tarakis and gives the weapons to Thor. Freshly empowered, Thor fights his way to Thanos, and begins to batter him down. Reaching out, Thor manages to crush the Illumination Stone, breaking the chain of power. Thor begins to hammer Thanos relentlessly, until he is victorious. The Designate sheds tears for all those lives already lost, and when the tears touch evil Thanos, unprotected by the Illumination Stone, he begins to burn. Back in Svartalfheim, Jagrfelm is overjoyed that he is now the owner of the item he possesses in the sack. And in New York City, Titania lay dying in a hospital, while Creel is helpless because they don't have any insurance.

Thor #25 // V2

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