Final issue. 1st appearance of Bush Master. "Enter the X-Men!" Guest-starring the Uncanny X-Men and Misty Knight. Story by Chris Claremont. Art by John Byrne and Dan Green. Cover by Dave Cockrum. Danny arrives at Misty Knight's apartment to find his friend missing However, this apartment also belongs to one Jean Grey, and a misunderstanding has Iron Fist in pitch battle against the Uncanny X-Men. Meanwhile, Misty Knight is deep undercover infiltrating the organization of none other than Bush Master (Power Man's erstwhile foe)! The subplot of the dragon branded bruiser that has ambushed Iron Fist is wrapped up in Marvel Team-up #63-64, and Iron Fist's further adventures continues in Power Man and Iron Fist #48. Cover price $0.30.

Iron Fist #15

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